Indian Institute of Materials Management

Our Vision

In pursuit of excellence in Supply Chain Management and to contribute to the intellectual, social and economic development of the individual and the organisation

Our Mission

To promote excellence in Material Management towards national prosperity through sustainable development
IIMM's Objectives

To secure a wider recognition and promote the importance of efficient Materials Management in commercial and industrial undertakings.

To safeguard and elevate the professional status of individuals engaged in the Materials Management faculty.

To constantly impart advanced professional knowledge and thus improve the skill of the person engaged in the Materials Management function.

To propagate and promote among the members strict adherence to IIMM Code of Conduct and Ethics

IIMM's Ethics

To consider first the TOTAL interest of one`s organization in all transactions without impairing the dignity and responsibility of one`s office.

To buy without prejudice, seeking to obtain the maximum ultimate value for each rupee of expenditure.

To subscribe and work for honesty and truth in buying and selling; to denounce all forms and manifestations of commercial bribery, and to eschew anti-social practices.

To accord a prompt and courteous reception so far as conditions will permit, to all who call upon legitimate business mission.

To respect one`s obligations and those of one`s organization , consistent with good business practice.