Indian Institute of Materials Management


Date : 31/12/2022 - 23/03/2023 (83-day Program) Time & Duration:

Venue :

Program Introduction


Registrations will be on “one store one business” basis. For companies having multiple stores, multiple registrations have to be submitted; or subject their major store only for audit. There will be a structured 101 key points for critical check and assessment of the store/warehouse for its efficacy.  The audit team will comprise of a Team of professionals and experts in supply chain having wide experience. The check points in Store will cover the following areas:

1.     Stores  SOPs

2.     Space, storage and controls

3.     Stock management, documentation, records  and techniques used

4.     Personnel skills- quality & knowledge levels

5.     Inventory optimization- tools and techniques (5s, ISO, Kaizen, Kanban, six sigma, TPS, etc.)

6.     Technology; ERP optimization, automation, digitization, creativity and innovation.

7.     Safety aspects of the store & personal safety

8.     Statutory compliance's

9.     Green stores concept adaptation

 General Housekeeping

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