Indian Institute of Materials Management

Course Syllabus

Graduate Diploma in Materials Management (GDMM)
Paper Nos. 1 to 14
Post Graduate Diploma in Materials Management (PGDMM)
Paper Nos. 1 to 19
A) Management Principles

Nature of Management

Planning & Decision making




Working in Groups


Effective Communication

Developing Excellence Measures

Manpower Planning & Development

B) Human Resource Practices

HRD Concepts

HR Planning & Development

Human Resource Management


Legal Aspects in Human Resources Management

Economic Decision Making

Break-even Analysis

Replacement Policies

Assignment Problem


Inventory Models

Forecasting Techniques

Economic Indices

Network Problems

Scheduling Problems

Decision Theory

Queuing Theory

Game Theory

A) Business Economics

Foundations of Economics

Market and Pricing

Sectoral Economics

Role of Government

Economic Indicators

Business and its environment

Basic Features of Indian Economy

Growth of Indian Economy

Indian Economy in the World Perspective

B) Accounting and Finance

Break-even Analysis

Book-Keeping and Accounting

Preparation of final accounts

Importance of Accounting

Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements

Fund Flow and Cash Flow

Cost Accounting


Evolution of Computers

Trends in computing technology

Operating Systems

Uses of Computers Processing

MS Office Applications


Benefits of Information Technology

I T and Future Directions

Information Systems

Electronic Communication & Data Interchange (EDI)

Legal Issues

Electronic Commerce

Managing the computerization process


Purchasing Organizations

Ethical and Professional standards

Make or Buy or outsourcing

Pricing impact

Purchasing Cycle

Vendor Analysis


Contracts / Purchase Orders

Purchasing practice by class of materials

Public Buying

Purchasing & Forecasting Techniques

Purchase Strategies

Evaluation of Purchasing Function

Modern Purchase Practices

Decisions Support Tools


Laws Specific to Contracts

Contract – Terms and Conditions

Dispute Resolution

Sales of Goods Act

Laws related to clearance of Goods

Taxes and Duties

Legal framework of business

Laws relating to foreign exchange transactions

Law of Contract Agreement

Necessity of International Trade

National Economic Development

Changing environment of International Trade

Role of Government

Balance of Payments

Trade Policy


Foreign Exchange Determination Systems

International Institutes and Regional Economic Integration

Export documents and Procedures

Export Promotion Schemes

Government Policy for Import

Global Sourcing



Operations Strategy

Demand forecasting

Design of Production Process

Facilities Planning

Production Planning and Control

Resources Planning

Shop floor planning

Purchase & Inventory Management

Job Design, work Measurement

Employees and Productivity

Quality Control and Management



Concepts of Strategy

Elements of Strategy

Environmental Analysis

Organizational Appraisal

Strategy Formulation

Process of Strategic choice

Competitive Strategies

Strategy Implementation

Strategy and Structure

Strategy Evaluation

Cases in Strategic Management


Types of Inventory

Costs associated with inventories


Inventory Control

Replenishment of Inventory

Inventory Management Systems

Materials Requirement Planning ( MRP)

Works in Process Inventories

Finished goods Inventories

Inventories with Suppliers

Spare Parts Inventories

Warehouse and Inventory Operations

Accounting for Inventories


Integration of Business Logistics

Objectives of Logistics Management

Customer Service

Supply Chain Management

Warehousing in Supply Chain

Warehouse Management

Material Handling systems

Storage Systems

Inventory Management


Packaging for Logistics

Information System for Logistics

Distribution channel design

Logistics Outsourcing

Technology for Logistics

Reverse Logistics

Strategy and performance Measurement

Government policies and regulations related to Logistics

Logistics for E Commerce & International Trade


History of Packaging

Cost of Packaging

Packaging Materials

Packaging for markets

Physical Distribution

Channels of Distribution

Channel Management


Procurement of Transport Services


Physical Distribution

Distribution Audit

Organization for Distribution

Retailing Management

Retail Supply Chain Planning

Retail Supply Chain Management

Retail Supply Chain Administration


Types of Research

Research Hypothesis

Data Collection

Data Presentation


Introduction to Statistics

Statistical Analysis

Hypothesis Testing

Statistical Applications

Research Report

Computer Applications

Nature of Financial Management

Cost Concepts and Cost Control

Financial Analysis Techniques

Capital Budgeting

Investment decisions under risk and uncertainty

Cost of Capital

Expansion and Financial restructuring

Leasing Finance

Financing strategy

Overview of Indian Financial System

Project Financing

Management Accounting

Working Capital Management

Management of Cash and Marketable Securities

World Class Practices in information

Gaining Competitive Edge through World Class Practices

Systems and Tools for World Class Manufacturing

World Class Practices in Indian Context

Leading India towards World Class Practices


Logistics Network Configuration

Inventory Management and Risk Pooling

Value of information

Distribution Strategies

Strategic Alliances

International Issues in Supply Chain Management

Coordinated Product and Supply Chain Design

Customer Value in SCM

Information Technology for SCM

Decision Support System for SCM

Issues in Supply Chain Purchasing

Future of Supply Chain Management

Analysis of Case Study

Nature and Context of Project Management

Life Cycles Roles, Interfaces and Systems

Project Formation

Project Planning

Project Management

Estimation, Resource Analysis, Justification and Evaluation

Teams and Organization

Control of Projects

Execution of Projects

Role of Management and Leadership in Project Environment

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Project Review

Concepts in General Management Information Systems

Decision Support Systems

Database Management Systems

Model Base Management Systems

Hardware and Software Technologies for DSS

Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems


Electronics Data Interchange

Computer Networks

Case Studies


Linear Programming

Transportation, Assignment and Transshipment Problems

Integer Programming and goal Programming

Queuing Theory

Network analysis

Replacement Theory

Investment Decisions



Markov Processes

Dynamic Programming


Marketing Environment

The Marketing Concept

The Marketing Organization

Market Segmentation

Buyer Behavior

The Product

Product Market – Strategy

Wholesale and Retail Distribution

Marketing Channel & Objectives and Policies

Physical Distribution

Promotion by Personal Selling

Promotion by Advertising

Pricing Decision & Objectives

Pricing Policies

Market Planning Tools

The Legal Environment

Overall Marketing Strategy

Role of MM in Satisfying Customer

The Quality Movement

The Evolution of TQM

Quality Gurus

Definitions of Quality

Essential elements of TQM

TQM and the Role of Purchasing

Quality Management Tools

Highlighting Quality Problems

Analysis of Problems

Operational Planning for Quality

Strategic Planning Tools

Quality system Certifications

Quality Awards

A) Management Principles

Functions of Organization

Basic concepts of organization

Components of Organizational Structure

Principles of Organization



Decision Making


Training & HRD

Performance Appraisal

Directing, Leadership & Communication



B) Business Finance

Financial Statements

Budgeting & Budget Control

Working Capital Management

Merger, Acquisition and Take over

Capital Market

Venture Capital

Introduction to Logistics

Logistics Resources Planning

Customer Services

Logistics Operation and Services

Logistics Strategy

Logistics Management Organization

Globalization in Logistics

Concepts of Marketing in Distribution Management

Physical Distribution

Development of Transportation Logistics


Layout and Equipment

Inventory Management forecasting



Introduction to O R / Q T

Linear Programming

Legal Aspects

Import / Export Procedures

Information System in Logistics

MS-Office 97 - word processor

Excel (spread sheet)

Power Point

Internet and Web site applications