Indian Institute of Materials Management

Why Join IIMM

IIMM offers membership under different categories to professionals and businesses throughout India. Becoming a member of the Institute demonstrates high standards and commitment to excellence in the field of Supply Chain Management and provides professionals with access to a vibrant community and a range of benefits to all professional programs. The monthly meetings are designed to make the professionals holistic development. Also, the institute do conduct social responsibility activities to synch with community and create betterment in the society.

Network with colleagues at your local branch of IIMM and rub shoulders with top CPOs and CEOs in the special forums created by the Branch Executive Committee. Enrolling as an IIMM Member offers various opportunities for displaying the knowledge in various professional contests including debates, quizzes, IIMM Idol, essay writing competition and Best supply Manager Contest, etc which are highly rated for professional excellence.

Branch Newsletter; provide members with all of the latest supply chain management and materials management news and the development in the branch. It is also a platform for members to contribute their skills for publishing. Materials Manager Review (MMR); a monthly magazine free for members which contains professional articles on Materials and Supply Chain Management and the latest trends and best practices in the field contributed by academicians and Industry experts. IIMM also conducts national level events like SCALE and NATCOM etc which really brings in global level knowledge.